Saturday, May 16, 2009

Numero One

Welllll. Hey.

Summer is hurre. Wow. One year down already? Shit.
What a YEAR too...meeting Kev & Collin playin' Rockband with Mike & E moving Fuckin' Alex moving out being replaced by Mitch the ending up dating the most incredible woman I've ever met--really.
So much has gone by so fast-but when I think about individual events, it seems like these guys have been part of my life forever.

Emo, sentimental, walk down memory lane part uno=done.

I'm back in Duluth now. Real shitty. Back to work. Back to having to comply to parental rules.
Ahh well. Plus sides? Fuck-can't think of any. The fact that I just left my Stepher dearest, not to see her for the next few weeks, at least, is still ringing in my head.

I guess seeing the ol' krew will be sweet. And football (read as "soccer") with the boys will be fun . But other than that, not much to look forward to here.

Work will be alright, reppin' Northern Pines Landscaping & Design again this summer. Each day there is a fuckin' adventure. Hah.

Still missin' the shitt outta my Stepher.



  1. krew? reppin'? what happened to your grammar?

  2. Lookin' very colorful Blake! Is there something you need to tell us?