Saturday, May 30, 2009


Damn. It's been plenty long since I did this...way too (see title).

Been way busy lately. Workin' hard/Hardly workin'. Hah, no, I've been a slave lately...up at 6:20, work 'til 5ish, come home-talk to my love, play Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 (which btw, I bought for $60 a few weeks ago, and they're fucking coming out with 2010 in like a week-not happy), and go to bed. But oh well, that's what the summer is. People always ask me why I'm working so much. Really pisses me off. "Oh I don't know, just for the fuck of it I guess." I work because I need the money you fucking idiots. Sorry I don't get handed everything in life. I earn it.

I'm still really missing Steph. REALLY sucks to start out the summer/relationship without her. But on the plus side, I did get to "see" her tonight...on Skype. Pretty cool-not even close to the same though. And now I have got to sleep. More tomorrow. I almost promise it.

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